Studio Specifics:

Sound Stage Dimensions: 80’ X 120’ with 35’ to the catwalk, 45’ to the ceiling.

Specially-built A/C System: Only sound stage in the world with 11 custom built A/C units operated by a Lutron remote control system that are designed to turn on and off hundreds of times per day on command. The A/C units drop off in 5 seconds and return to full A/C operation upon “Cut” within 30 seconds.

Water Tank Drains: There are 10 Quick-release water drains throughout the perimeter to accommodate water tanks that can be constructed to a depth of 25’ and cover as much floor space as needed.

Fire Smoke Evacuation System: It contains a dynamic smoke evacuation system which can accommodate live fires inside the sound stage of any kind. There are four massive blowers on the roof connected to eight louvered outlets on the walls and ceiling that electronically turn on and open upon command which evacuate the smoke in two minutes.

Power: There are 3,200 amps of power inside the sound stage. There are mouse holes in the building to accommodate any amount of power that may need to be brought in.

Satellite Broadcasts: The mouse holes also will accommodate live feeds to satellite trucks for world-wide broadcasting. 

Catwalk/Cameras: The 6’ wide catwalk system is able to accommodate cameras and maneuverability for direction for shots up in the catwalk and to the floor below for direct overhead shots.

Multi-purpose Room: The sound stage auxiliary building can be used as a theater lobby, a production office, green room, staging area or a rehearsal hall.

Trailer Parking & Power: There is a trailer parking area next to the sound stage containing full power for bangers, star wagons, hair/makeup/wardrobe trailers and more. 

Hurricane-proof Sound Stage: The sound stage is constructed of 18 concrete/rebar tilt-wall slabs weighing 50 tons each. The roof is designed specifically for Florida rain, storms and hurricanes constructed with concrete and seven additional layers of insulation for maximum quiet. The building will withstand 200 mph winds.

Load-in Doors: There is a 22’ tall elephant load-in door and a 12’ 3-ton vacuum sealed load-in side door. There are four additional sound-lock doors for entry.

Parking: Ample parking is provided with turn-around for 18-wheelers.

Set Construction Shop: Set construction shop is available when needed.