G-Star Studios/Sound Stage Lease Contract

G-Star Studios/Sound Stage Lease Contract requires full payment(s) in advance (prior to turn-key). A Damage/Overage Deposit (listed below) will be held for a period of 30 days post departure to cover unforeseen, extreme, unique or additional costs incurred during the use of the Sound Stage. Certificate of Insurance ($1,000,000) required 72 hours in advance listing G-Star Studios as Co-Insured.

Cost of Incidentals

The cost of incidentals is pro-rated per month include:

Damage/Overage Deposit - $1000

Electric - $100/day

Housekeeping/Janitorial - $100/day including sound stage, $50/day not including sound stage

Trash Removal - $50 per week

Internet – $40 per month

Copy machines - copies at 10 cents/page

Phone – Production Company to use its own cell phones

Default on Production Dates

A default penalty that may incur should the leasing party require a change in arranged dates. The amount shall be negotiated prior to the Lessee taking possession of the property. Should no conflict occur in conjunction with a date change, no default penalty will be charged. Special consideration is exercised for unique contract holders, such as a party contracting for an extended period of time.

Contracts will require deposits paid in full, in advance, with an allotted timeframe for payment, plus a guarantee to cover any outstanding balance.